Daniel Bryan On Asking WWE For A Limited Schedule; “I Miss My Baby So Much”

Daniel Bryan
Source: WWE.com

During a recent interview, Daniel Bryan revealed that he asked WWE if he could wrestle a lighter schedule.

The ever-brutally honest Daniel Bryan was interviewed recently by The Gorilla Position, where he discussed all things WWE. (Quotes H/T: SEScoops)

One topic that has got the fanbase talking was his comments on wanting to work a lighter schedule, given that he wants to spend more time with his child, Birdie.

“I miss my baby so much”, said Bryan. “Yeah, she’s a year old. I missed her first birthday. She said, ‘dada’ for the first time, which I saw on FaceTime, but I still have not seen, like, in person yet.”

Bryan continued by saying that when Birdie does say ‘dada’, it’s when Brie holds the camera on FaceTime to him on the road. “I haven’t seen it in person! I just see, like, a screen!”

The 37-year-old doesn’t want to be “on the road” as much as he had to be several years ago. “You don’t realize how long you’re away until you’re away because we never had to think about it before.”

According to Bryan, he spoke to people in the company regarding wrestling on a lighter schedule, following getting cleared. However, the idea clearly didn’t come to fruition.

“I’ve been talking to WWE about maybe doing a lighter schedule because when we first starting talking about this, when I sent that, when Vince [McMahon] told me to send the letter to Dr. Maroon, he said for me to say, ‘for a limited schedule’, like ‘revised concussion protocol for a limited schedule’, so then, they clear me and I’m just on everything! I was just like, ‘I wasn’t expecting this!’”

Daniel Bryan is still yet to sign a new deal with WWE, and as exclusively revealed by Wrestling Standard, the company are viewing his current run as a ‘farewell tour’.