Jim Ross Believes He Suffered A Rib Injury During NJPW’s G1 Special

Jim Ross
Source: jrsbarbq.com/

Last night, during a show, part-time WWE commentator Jim Ross believes he was injured.

Jim Ross is one of the most decorated announcers in wrestling history, making his name in WWE as a member of RAW’s announce team. During the G1 Special in San Francisco last night, Good ole’ JR suffered a rib injury.

During the IWGP United States Championship match between Jay White and Juice Robinson, Robinson threw White into the guardrail in front of the English commentary table of JR and Josh Barnett. The railing hit a monitor and knocked Ross out of his chair during commentary.

Barnett, who was angry with White, followed him to the ring as the two were a part of an intense moment. JR tweeted out that the spot was not planned and was in so much pain that he did not sleep the following night and could not put his carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment on his flight. Ross believes that he has a broken rib. Hopefully, the WWE Hall of Fame announcer heals up soon.

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