Jim Ross will give Hulk Hogan another chance, but not Papa John’s

Jim Ross
Source: DNAIndia

On his podcast, The Ross Report, JR commented on Hulk Hogan’s reinstatement (of sorts) into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The part-time WWE commentator mentioned that it’s tough to actually think of a punishment that would get everyone back on side, however, he is happy the Hall of Famer is back on good terms with the company.

The issue of punishing former stars is one that has seemingly made WWE’s life tough. Essentially, the act of doing so – or in some cases not doing so – has led many to believe WWE’s policy – or rather non-policy – in letting some of their former stars get away with a lot more than they should because they can still draw.

Jim Ross admits what Hogan did was “sad and unnecessary”, but is willing to give him a chance, “stand back and let this whole process play out and see how it works at the end of the day”.

“It’s not a surprise! Hey look, what Hogan did is just so sad, and unnecessary, and what a major mistake. I think he knows that. Now, somewhere down this journey of healing, if we find out that Hogan [has] got a different agenda, well, shame on him. I don’t believe that to be true.”

JR also reiterates that the issue of “punishing” stars is a strange one, mentioning that he isn’t sure how long we are supposed to punish somebody for doing something stupid.

“It was stupidity and ignorance. How long do you get penalized for stupidity and ignorance? It’s different now than doing bodily harm to somebody. Hey, I watch enough [Law & Order: SVU] with Mariska Hargitay to understand that. So we hope that Hogan has a nice reentry.”

The former WWE executive later explained why he was boycotting Papa John’s, due to the owner using a racial slur. During the podcast, JR made no correlation between the two, Papa John and Hulk Hogan.

“I will not buy their pizza either. Sorry, that’s how I work. If you don’t like the way somebody’s doing something, instead of just getting on a platform like this or social media and b***hing and moaning, I’ve got a solution for me. I ain’t buying no damn Papa John’s pizza. How’s that? Now I can hear someone from the mighty Westwood One, ‘oh, J.R., we were this close to a deal with Papa John’s! You killed it!’ I’m sorry, I’m going to be honest here or not do it.”

Does JR seem a little contradictory in his two statements regarding the exact same topic? Let us know below …