Renee Young Is Getting Another Chance To Commentate for WWE

Renee Young

A few years ago, Renee Young was allowed to do some commentary; she worked NXT weekly as well as WWE Superstars. These days, however, she has been regulared to hosting and backstage duties. But things are about to change.

Renee Young will now get the chance to work on commentary again, on a much bigger stage; she will be commentating the Mae Young Classic alongside Michael Cole and former Superstar Beth Phoenix.

Cole had this to say to ESPN:

“I have worked with Beth and Renee separately but never together, but that is by design. Beth and Renee have been practicing together at the Performance Center with Tom Phillips and Vic Joseph. I specifically made a point before we did this that I didn’t want to work with them before the tournament.

“I’m not a big rehearse guy, and think that shows are better when you can elicit unrehearsed reactions.”

Are you excited to hear Renee back on commentary?