Former ROH Talent, Taeler Hendrix, Claims Jay Lethal “Sabotaged” Her Career

Tealer Hendrix
Source: ROH YouTube Channel

Tealer Hendrix claims that current Champion, Jay Lethal, hindered her run in ROH due to the female performer turning down unwanted sexual advances.

In a recent Twitter tirade, Tealer Hendrix, 29, responded to a fan’s comment on missing the ‘House of Truth’ stable.

Hendrix replied saying that she doesn’t miss the group, noting that the group “should have been the house of Hendrix”. She then went on to ask what Truth or Lethal have done in the industry, questioning their drawing power.

A fan then defended Lethal, listing his accomplishments at ROH. Hendrix again replied, accusing Lethal of sexual advances that, because denied, derailed her push and “sabotaged” her time at ROH.

In one of her following statements on Twitter, the former ROH star wrote, “I know this is going to be on wrestling sites. My name is Taeler & this is my statement: attorneys on my behalf have an ongoing investigation. I know I’m not the only one & ppl that have known of this investigation have been supportive. I’ll continue to fight for what’s right.”

The ex-OVW wrestler alleges that she came forward privately a while ago and now she wants to go public. “If I stay silent I’ll be part of the problem”, wrote Herdrix.

Receiving backlash for her comments, in her final statement regarding the issue, she acknowledged the anger from the fans, writing, “let the hate roll in.”

Wrestling Standard has reached out to ROH for further comment. We will update this article if and when they have any comments.