What’s in store for tonight’s ‘Miz & Mrs’ episode, Baby Mania!

Miz & Mrs
Source: WWE.com

We know you’re clamouring for tonight’s debut episode of ‘Miz & Mrs’, so here’s a quick preview.

In an attempt to gain more of a female following, hoping to gain a stronger hold on a wider demographic, WWE and USA have decided to put together a show with The Miz and his wife Maryse.

The intentions behind the show are clear, as just described. But it’s not all bad. If their promos leading up to their Cena and Nikki match are anything to go by, the show should be filled with some humorous moments – the two play very well off each other. (I mean, they are married) And it will be interesting to the see the couple in a different, non-WWE setting (if that’s your thing).

The only preview from WWE’s website – in the form of a synopsis for the show (aside from a few packages displayed during RAW) – is as follows:

“Welcome to the world of Mike and Maryse. The WWE Superstars prep for the birth of their first baby.”

Riveting stuff, eh? Joking aside, the show airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. EST on the USA Network. And again, it should be interesting to see how the two are really like off-camera… well, on-camera but, well… not?

The show will most likely follow the same formula as Total Divas and Total Bella’s, although WWE claims the show is “unscripted“. Regardless of what that means in terms of the show being real, it’s good to see that The Miz is being offered these opportunities – rather than those crappy ‘Marine’ movies.