WWE Taking Legal Action Against Kelloggs Over Similarities With Booty O’s Cereal

New Day
Source: WWE

According to our sources, WWE is in the process of taking legal action against the breakfast cereal company, Kelloggs, over the production on their “Unicorn” cereal.

WWE strongly feel that the Unicorn cereal closely resembles The New Day’s Booty O’s, a concept WWE originally pitched to Kelloggs.

New Day
Images: WWE.com, Kellogs.com

Wrestling Standard has learnt that WWE originally held talks with Kelloggs, to produce and market Booty O’s back in 2016. However, talks failed to advance, resulting in WWE opting to produce the product themselves and selling it exclusively on their own store.

Earlier this year, it was reported that WWE also held talks with Quaker, who already produce Aunt Jemima pancake mix, to launch a New Day branded pancake mix. Hence why The New Day started strangely obsessing over pancakes. However, those talks reportedly broke down over marketing costs.